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1. A.F.F.L.A.T.U.S

Aspirational Federation of Forward-looking Leaders who are Acting To Uplift Societies.


Empowered and engaged generation leading a prosperous Africa.


To unveil and liberate Africans’ potential through inclusive and dynamic co-learning environments.


- Unveil Your Potential


Our Objectives are anchored in bridging the skills gap between generations through mentorship and career guidance to promote an entrepreneurial and self-reliance mindset, encourage volunteerism and employment, and to promote the culture of reading and writing.

We aim to fight against drug abuse among youth, promote local tourism, promote gender equality among young people, promote patriotism and Pan-Africanism spirit among youth, fight against mental health issues, addiction and depression among youth, and to help people overcome fear and self-doubt to be the best version they can be at the young ages and positively impact their communities.



Our Values


We care deeply about the future of Africa from the bottom of our hearts and the depths of our souls


We aim to be a kind, gentle custodian for the great lands and waters of Africa and all the people and beings who live in harmony with them.


We will do everything in our power to help new African leaders emerge, develop and grow in an honorable, ethical and accountable way


We believe that true progress for Africa can only be made when every voice is counted and heard.


We know that we just are a small pebble being thrown into a vast pond but we hope that the ripples we cause can help achieve healthy and sustainable change for the benefit of Africa (and the World).


  • Since December 2017, we have supported more than 1,000 young professionals out of which more than 200 of them secured employment and/or internships while the rest received entrepreneur skills and other soft skills that will be useful for their future.
  • Since April 2018, Afflatus Africa has organized monthly Reading for Change events where transformative discussions about books take place. These events provide the platform for a series of storytelling, book launching, book reviews, panel discussions, and networking to build a promising society. These events bring together authors, readers, writers, librarians, and publishers for networking and discussions on how we can develop and improve the culture of reading and writing in Africa.
  • We have broadened our horizons by establishing clubs in universities, high schools and by organizing reading competitions.
  • We have paid subscriptions for primary and high school students in libraries to encourage schools and parents to enroll their children and give them access to books.
  • We have organized reading competitions is schools and helped youth getting access to books by giving them books and paying their annual library subscriptions which give them opportunities to borrow books, and have access to other facilities like free internet.
  • Replaced by “The Successors’ Camp”, We have organized “Conquerors Conference” to unveil African youth’s full potential to conquer Africa’s greatest challenges by finding solutions within themselves and learning from Pan-Africanist elders like Nelson Mandela and Thomas Sankara, and being inspired to prosper Africa for the next generations to live proudly in Africa without focusing on green card or dying in the ocean trying to leave our continent in search for a better life. The Conquerors Conference took place in August 2018, with 120 in-person
  • Due to our impact, our Founder Ganza K. Bertin has been awarded a humanitarian medal by AEGIS trust as one of the young people who are making positive impact in the community.
  • Most of our members have been admitted to join change makers’ networks like the Young African Leaders Initiative, Youth in Leadership & Business and voted to be the East African Youth Parliament Members.
  • One of our programs Reading for Change won the 2019 Global Social Thinker Contest organized by Ashoka Africa and British Council.


Ganza K. Bertin is a Rwandan award-winning youth worker and civic leader, with a mission of unveiling and liberating youth’s potential, who was born in 1994 in Masisi (DRC). He is a former member of the East African Youth Parliament (2019/2020) and an Ashoka and AEGIS Trust youth champion. Ganza is an alumnus of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), Peace Building Institute Rwanda, African Youth Transitional Justice Academy, Grow Movement, These Numbers Have Faces and Youth in Leadership.

In 2009, he added Ganza (REIGN) in his name as a motivation to go through life challenges and heal from an unfavorable childhood plagued with depression. 

Since then, Ganza was able to move forward, with the help of a self-help book by Dale Carnegie titled ‘how to stop worrying and start living’ and his tenacity. So by the time he started high school he was able to fend for himself. 

His passion for community development and youth empowerment led him to volunteering with youth led movements like; Genocide Survivors Students Association and Peace and Love Proclaimers since his teen ages. After finishing his high school, Ganza launched himself into a long streak of working with different organizations including but not limited to: Ayina Think Tank, Arise Education, AEGIS Trust, Toastmasters, Rotary, AIESEC Rwanda, Smiles Foundation, Bright Future Cornerstone, Knowledge Lab, Never Again Rwanda, and Global Community Dialogue, and the experience he got from those journeys was life changing.

Ganza holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in marketing and a Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and he is a Capacity Building Consultant. He has dedicated his life to serve the community, by using his wounds to heal others who underwent troubled childhood through Afflatus Africa; A Pan-African youth-led organization that inspires, empowers, engages, and connects youth to unveil and liberate their potential that he founded in 2017.