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In the effort to unveil and liberate Africans’ potentials, Afflatus Africa has assembled some of the finest talents including Entrepreneurs, Government Officials, Successful People and Experts in different fields, Chief Executive Officers and Managing Directors from different companies around the world to inspire, empower, engage, and connect people Africa to unveil and liberate their potential into leading social-economic transformation.


We Inspire

We create platforms for people to learn from elders and high achievers.

We Empower

We equip people with professional/soft skills through trainings, mentorships, and career guidance

We Engage

We link people with volunteering, internships, and job opportunities.

We Connect

We help people broaden their networks through networking events, linkages, and referrals.

WISDOM HUB “Read, Learn, & Lead”


“The enemies of people are those who keep them in ignorance.”-Thomas Sankara. Reading improves cognitive abilities. It expands our vocabulary, and strengthens our ability to think and reason critically. Reading boosts our problem-solving skills that can all boost our memory.

TRC program promotes the culture of reading and writing in Africa through monthly events designed to promote transformative conversations about books that matter, conduct book reviews, create an opportunity to exchange books and promote reading and writing by launching reading clubs, organizing reading competition and establishing community libraries. Through these important steps, we aim to build a positive society.

A series of transformative conversations about books and topics that matter; book reviews, book launches, book exchanges, and panel discussions.

Community Libraries that encourage people to read by giving them access to books through borrowing books, book exchanges, reading sessions and book talks.

An initiative that aims at promoting reading and writing among young people through Reading and writing competition among high school students. Read & Lead encourages young people not only to read but to read with a purpose. It also promotes reading by awarding the winners books, library subscriptions, book clubs’ memberships, and other materials that facilitate them to build or improve their reading habit.  


“Education is the great engine of personal development.”-Nelson Mandela. The Learn for Change program prepares youth to become future leaders through the Aspire (Kids Coaching Program) and Successors’ Circle Programs (Professional/Soft Skills Training Program). TLC program also helps youth understand what is essential for a purposeful life through trainings, conferences, camps and inspirational and motivational talks called “Dreamer to Achiever”.

It equips youth with soft skills and entrepreneurial skills. Through this program, we promote volunteerism and provide internships and job opportunities by linking young professionals or aspiring professionals with employers. This program helps reduce addresses the challenge of unemployment caused by lack of experience amongst young professionals or aspiring professionals who are ready to join the workforce.

The Aspire program is a children’s coaching program that aims to train kids from 6years to 12 years old reading, stories, and intellectual games. The Aspire Program awakens children’s interest in reading, shaping them into better thinkers, and help them to build good characters.

A transition program from school to adult life to equip youth with professional/soft skills to prepare them become future leaders through Five courses; Meet Yourself “Self-discovery”, Willing is winning “Work Readiness”, Raise your Standards “Management Readiness”, Live your Dream “Leadership Readiness”, and Money Philosophy “Financial Literacy”

The Successors’ Camp gathers teenagers to unveil their full potential to conquer Africa’s greatest challenges by finding solutions within themselves and learning from Pan-Africanist elders like Nelson Mandela and Thomas Sankara, and inspire them to prosper Africa for the next generations to live proudly in Africa without focusing on green card or dying in the ocean trying to leave our continent in search for a better life.


According to UNDP-AFRICA, Africa’s youth population is growing rapidly and is expected to reach over 830 million by 2050. This presents a big opportunity for African development because it provides a large labor force. However, failure to provide quality education and employment opportunities to the youth may rob the continent of this potential and result in the increase of violence, robbery and terrorism. According to the World Bank, 40% of people who join rebel movements are motivated.

 Afflatus Africa has initiated the Mentor for Change program to address this challenge by promoting learning, facilitating career guidance, and professional development through an opportunity to learn and teach at the same time where professionals mentor young professionals, young professionals mentor university students, university students mentor high school students, and high school students mentor primary students.

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” – Oprah Winfrey. TMC is designed to bridge the skills gap between generations. It links young people with experts and seasoned professionals in an array of sectors. This mentorship program helps young people achieve their dreams and inspirations with a clear vision for their future careers.

The TMC program is designed to support learning through effective communication, skillful prioritization, and linkages. Seasoned professionals get opportunity to share their stories, recommend best practices, and highlight internal and external challenges experienced in their professional journeys in order to support our young professional members who are ready to unveil their full potentials in the professional pathway they embark on.

A series of transformative conversation with high achievers to learn from their career journeys, success and failure stories, challenges and learnt lessons, as well as celebrating them.

A one on one or group mentorship program that links young people with professionals and experienced people in their fields of interest for a one-year long period of mentorship or career guidance.

Leadership clubs in high schools that facilitates alumni of different schools (who have made it in life) to go back to their schools to share their experience with students who are currently studding in those schools to inspire and motivate them to work hard and smart. These clubs also host reading, training, and healing sessions.


Healing is a matter of time. With this, healing is also a matter of opportunity. Many people today live with a lot of wounds at heart that may be caused by addiction and depression. Ww provide platforms for people to express their feelings & emotions, learn from others’ experience, and heal each other through the process, time, and space.

Our healing circle aims at providing an open safe space for people to heal and bring out their dark spots.

 A free-judgment space where you borrow a person to talk too and where deep questions are allowed, accepted, discussed, and answered. 

WANDERLUSTERS “Adventures You Deserve”


We organize weekly group tours which includes different outdoor activities such as hiking, walking, rock climbing, and camping.


We organize Safari Tours in East Africa anytime depending on the clients’ desire to travel and we advise our clients on how to enjoy to maximum but with cost friendly.


We organize customized tours for retreats, holidays, learning and/or researching.



A biodata and service providers portal platform that frames and keeps factual information about individuals and/or organizations’ backgrounds and services.


We assist you in getting your autobiographies written, and frame your stories through documentaries.


We help people and institutions build their professional profiles, websites and blogs, social media profiling, and anything else which deals with branding such as logos, stamps, flyers, brochures, & banners design.



A corporate training package that gives an organization stability by giving its employees a clear understanding of organization’s vision, mission, values, how things should be done and how to avoid or handle clients complains which improves organizational productivity and enhances its goodwill


A post-school transition program that aims to equip graduates (and/or people in general) with soft skills which help them to understand themselves (self-awareness) and prepare them for work, management, and leadership readiness.


Our language training consists of 7 levels; True Beginners, False-beginners, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced, and High Advanced and classes can be virtual or in-person and individual or in group depending on clients.


a children’s coaching program that aims to train kids (from 6years to 12 years old) through reading books, stories, and intellectual games. The RUP awakens children’s interest in reading, shaping them into better thinkers, and help them to build good characters.