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Leading for change

A good number of young people (back this statement with research) do not get opportunities for training and mentorship and lack the exposure needed to prepare them for the future. This can lead to young adults not having a clear vision and pathway to set out a career plan and may also run into not having the needed tools to achieve their goals. Afflatus Africa has initiated the Mentorship for Change program to address this challenge by promoting learning, creating career guidance, and professional development through our soft skill training programs.

TMC is designed to bridge the skills gap between generations. It links young people with experts and seasoned professionals in an array of sectors. This mentorship program helps young people achieve their dreams and inspirations with a clear vision for their future careers.

The program is designed to support learning through effective communication, skillful prioritization, and linkages. Seasoned professionals will have the opportunity to share their stories, recommend best practices, highlight internal and external challenges experienced in their professional journeys in order to support our young professional members who are ready to unveil their full potentials in the professional pathway they embark on.