Reading For Change “Learn to change”

Malcolm X said that if you want to hide something from black people, put it in a book. Reading improves cognitive abilities such as vocabulary knowledge, reasoning, and problem solving abilities that boost brain memory and power.

 Therefore, Reading for change program aims at promoting the culture of reading and writing in Africa. With this, It also emphasizes at using literature to build positive societies through monthly events, book review, library subscriptions, and reading and writing clubs.

  • Willing Is Winning Changing mindset

Willing is winning program aims at helping the youth realize that are essential for a purposeful life.  It also aims at equipping youth with job and entrepreneurship related skills, promoting volunteerism, and providing internships and job opportunities.

The latter is done through linking the youth with employers. This will eradicate unemployment that caused by the lack of experience among youth.

  • Heal your heart “Openness is progress”

Healing is a matter of time. With this, healing is also a matter of opportunity. Many people today live with a lot of wounds at heart caused by addiction and depression. Our healing program aims at providing open safe space for youth to heal and bring out their dark spots.

This is done by providing platforms for people to express their feelings & emotions, learn from others’ experience, and heal each other through the process, time, and space.

  • Inspired to inspire Aspire To Inspire

Inspired to inspire bridges the skills gap between generations. It links young people with experts and successful people in their fields of interest. This mentorship program aims at helping young people to achieve their inspirations/dreams or to set clear visions.

It is designed to support learning through communication, knowing priorities and connection. Old generations get opportunities to share their stories opinions tribulations and experiences as a way of helping the young generation to unveil their potential and to make clear and guided career goals. 

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