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Ambitious Folks Focused to Learn, Teach and Associate to Unveil the youth’s potentials for Social-economic transformation.

Afflatus Africa

A Pan-African Youth Lead Movement that Empowers, Engages, Motivates and Connects Youth Around Africa to Unveil their Potential and Inspire them to Lead Social-Economic Transformation.


To unveil the African youth’s potential through inclusive and dynamic co-learning environments.


Empowered and engaged youth leading a prosperous Africa

Core Objectives

  • To bridge the skills gap between generations.
  • To promote the culture of writing and reading.
  • To promote the entrepreneurial and self-reliance mindset.
  • To promote volunteerism.

Core Values

Empathy ~ Inclusivity ~ Integrity ~ Humility ~ Commitment.

Core Values

  • Quality Education
  • Poverty Eradication
  • Peace Promotion


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